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FastFin promises better Bell hover performance

 - February 21, 2009, 9:12 AM

Improved hover performance in high and hot conditions for the Bell Huey and its derivatives is the promise of the FastFin tail-rotor enhancement and stability system from Boundary Layer Research (Booth No. 2970) of Everett, Wash. The company recently delivered its 100th UH-1 FastFin and announced that Wildcat Helicopters, Kelowna, British Columbia, will become the first fleet customer to install the system on the Bell 212. The system will also be available soon for the Bell 412, BLR said.

The FastFin modification includes two parallel stall strips, or dual tailboom strakes, and a reshaped vertical fin, which together optimize the airflow around the tailboom to improve performance and handling.

According to BLR, a recently completed flight test showed that a Bell 212 with FastFin outperformed unmodified 212s in out-of-ground-effect hover, in-ground-effect hover, wind-azimuth tolerance and hover stability.

“Today’s operators are looking for every competitive advantage, said Dave Marone, BLR vice president of sales. “Our technology expands the envelope for these operators and helps them achieve maximum return on their capital investments.”