Paris Air Show

Paris 2011: Rafael Debuts New Integrated C4I system

 - June 23, 2011, 4:26 AM

Missile and air defense specialist Rafael is debuting its MIC4AD command and control system. The company claims its modular integrated C4I air defense system is the first to connect the roles of air defense, missile defense and air superiority into one system.

MIC4AD builds on the C4I system developed for the Iron Dome missile-protection system, and is modular and open-architecture to allow the integration of numerous defensive systems. It draws data from a wide variety of sensors, including radars and long-range electro-optical sensors such as Rafael’s TopLite that can typically detect aerial targets at ranges of around 100 kilometers. MIC4AD also draws in data via datalink for airborne platforms, and interfaces with civil and military air traffic management.

MIC4AD is designed to answer the needs of operators at various levels, from national down to tactical, and there are mobile solutions to serve the latter.

The overall picture available to the commander can be assigned in large-scale elements for use by individual system operators, allowing them to concentrate on their tasks. The main map-type display is complemented by a three-dimensional representation that is particularly useful for deconflicting intercept actions against hostile threats from friendly aircraft.