Rolf Smith of IntelliJet Wins Pedal Plane

 - November 3, 2011, 12:13 PM
Rolf Smith, sales director of IntelliJet, right, won the pedal car airplane plated and donated by Signature Plating. With Smith at the NBAA Convention are Signature CFO Frank McKnight and Janine Iannarelli, president of Par Avion and IntelliJet co-partner. (Photo: Kirby J. Harrison)

A toy pedal-plane, plated and finished by Signature Plating of Cibolo, Texas, was the prize in a raffle won at the NBAA Convention last month by Rolf Smith, aircraft sales director of Beverly Hills, Calif.-based IntelliJet. With Smith in the photo are Signature Plating CFO Frank McKnight and Par Avion president Janine Iannarelli. Proceeds from the raffle went to Susan G. Komen center for breast cancer research.

As for the pedal plane, it seemed entirely appropriate that it was won by an aircraft broker, Iannarelli said with a laugh. Realizing he wasn’t about to fit in the cockpit, Smith gave the pedal plane to Iannarelli, whose aviation consulting business is a co-partner with IntelliJet. Iannarelli said she plans to see that it gets into the hands of a budding young aviator as a starter-plane.