Clay Lacy To Get Howard Hughes Award

 - January 26, 2012, 3:10 PM

Clay Lacy will be honored by the Aero Club of Southern California with its Howard Hughes Memorial Award on February 8. Famed test and aerobatic pilot Bob Hoover will present the award in recognition of Lacy’s achievements spanning some six decades. An airline captain, experimental test pilot, air race champion, aviation record-setter, aerial cinematographer and entrepreneur, “Lacy has accumulated more hours flying jets than anyone on Earth and is widely credited with revolutionizing the business aviation and aerial photography industries,” the group noted.


I hate to burst everyone's bubble about Mr. Lacy.
Despite years of self created myths about the gentleman, several thousand professional pilots at United Airlines who knew him and flew with him have an entirely different opinion. Unlike the commercially created opinions created falsely by him or the people who benefit from his association.
Mr. Lacy was a self serving, lazy, unprofessional and at times a dangerous pilot!
He even crossed a picket line and became a SCAB when majority of his fellow pilots went on strike against greed and mismanagement at their airline!

Captain Ross Aimer
UAL Ret.

Clay Lacy has to be the most infamous SCAB in the history of commercial aviation.

Lacy was well-known within United to be a shameless self-promoter, a SCAB, and and liar. He crossed the picket line at United and walked on the backs of his fellow pilots for his own greater glory. He flew a full schedule for United and also flew professionally for his own company and yet somehow he never violated the maximum commercial flight hours FARs?! If this is who the Aero club chooses to honor I have to say the Aero club of Southern California has very little credibility.

Clay Lacy was well known among United Airlines pilots as a self agrandizing, boastful, self promoting, pompous, pious SOB who walked across a Pilot picket line during a strike by pilots against United Airlines. Pilots who did this shameful act knew they were going to benefit at the expense of fellow striking pilots for their own glory and financial well being. He is a scab, only a scab, always a scab and not worthy of a glance let alone any recognition other than as a scab. The Aero Club of Southern California obviously doesn't research their recipients or has no regard for true aviators. Strong letter to follow.

The vast majority of United pilots did not scab. Mr. Lacy, a millionaire, did scab. I never heard anything good about him as an airline pilot. I did hear some scary things. A new hire classmate told me that Lacy rolled a 727QC (cargo/passenger quick change model) at night with a cargo load. Cool! But not with a heavily loaded airliner that would be hauling your grandmother the next morning. Not to mention that is was not certified for this. Ah yes you say "but this is Lacy he can do it." A 747-400 copilot told me this story: Sydney to Brisbane turn. Two pilot short hop turn around. Lacy brought a friend to fly in the cockpit to "watch how it was done". He told the copilot to not do anything. Lacy would do it all to show that it was really a one pilot not a two pilot plane. Returning to Sydney he was too high and had to go around. Going around is the safe thing to do when out of position. But it is embarrassing. The bigger the ego the harder it is to go around when you have screwed up. He must have been really high. I flew this route many times. We were most always light so we also used the short crossing runway when landing back at Sydney to save fuel. But you needed to not be high on approach to this runway. Enough said. Who was the friend on the Sydney turn and who gave him permission to be in the cockpit? With Lacy you don't ask. Whenever there was a big hole being excavated near any runway, especially at LAX (Lacy's home base) someone in the crew always said "that is were they are burying Lacy's paperwork". I will stop now. Anyone else want to chime in?

The guy is a lying disgrace to aviation, and certainly no one Bob Hoover should be sharing a stage with.

No scab should ever be honored for being a good pilot! He is a disgrace to the piloting profession. If he is ever honored, he should receive the "Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino Award" for displaying cowardice in the line of duty. That is more befitting his stature among aviation.

Do not sully the the outstanding airmen that have been recognized by you earlier in awarding Clay Lacy the Howard Hughes Memorial Award. He is not and never will be worthy of this award. Your previous awards were given to real, deserving and outstanding pilots.

First they give a Nobel Prize to Al Gore, followed one to Barry Soetoro and now an award to the infamous Lacy. Giving him a pilot award is on par with awarding Hanoi Jane for her efforts to help the prisoners of war in Viet Nam!

I had the dishonor to fly with him several times on the SEA-HKG route both before and after he scabbed. He left the flight planning to me, never did a complete pre-flight check nor programed the INS. He would sit in the departure lounge with his wife until ten minutes before scheduled departure and then grace us with his presence in the cockpit. That all changed after he scabbed. I did the setup for my side of the cockpit and did not do any of his checks including the three INS systems. He took a fifteen minute departure delay while the INS was timing out! The best part was I was just following the SOP!

Forwarding this to my fellow UAL Pilots who were proud and stood tall when they tried to throw us off of the Ferris Wheel.
Thought some of you might like to see this. Especially some of the replies after the article. We all knew where Clay Lacy stood.

A self serving self promoter who's main focus was himself. Add to that he's a scab which makes him lower than a snakes's ass in a wagon rut. Surprised Bob Hoover would get on the same stage with him.

A self serving, self promoting individual interested only in perpetuating the myth of greatness. And he's scab besides which makes him lower than a snake's ass in a wagon rut. I'm surprised a real legend like Bob Hoover would get on the same stage with him.

All the above is TRUE, plus he is a LIAR. When he found that he was arriving at age 60, he magically found his mother's bible with his new birth date to give himself atleast 2 more years of flying till his new age 60 arrived. Lied to UAL, FAA
medical and especially his fellow pilots, aided by Scab Gary Meermans and UAL
management......I only hope that Bob Hoover can see through all of his farce in time to bail out ?

Jack London never flew with Scab Lacy or I'm quite sure he would have included him by name in his "Ode to a Scab"........

After God had finished the rattlesnake, the toad, and the vampire, he had some awful substance left with which he made a scab.

A scab is a two-legged animal with a corkscrew soul, a water brain, a combination backbone of jelly and glue.

Where others have hearts, he carries a tumor of rotten principles.

When a scab comes down the street, men turn their backs and angels weep in heaven, and the devil shuts the gates of hell to keep him out.

No man (or woman) has a right to scab so long as there is a pool of water to drown his carcass in, or a rope long enough to hang his body with.

Judas was a gentleman compared with a scab. For betraying his master, he had character enough to hang himself. A scab has not.

Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage.

Judas sold his Savior for thirty pieces of silver.

Benedict Arnold sold his country for a promise of a commision in the british army.

The scab sells his birthright, country, his wife, his children and his fellowmen for an unfulfilled promise from his employer.

Esau was a traitor to himself; Judas was a traitor to his God; Benedict Arnold was a traitor to his country.

A scab is a traitor to his God, his country, his family and his class.

Author --- Jack London (1876-1916)

I sicerely hope Bob Hoover reads some of these "High Praises" before he elects to stand on the same podium with "SCAB" Lacy.

The fifty-thousand plus hours claimed by Clay Lacy seems more than a bit excessive! Clay, did you pencilwhip your flight time? The FAA allowed airline pilots a maximum of 1200 hours a year. Let's see now: your likely got your ATP somewhere between ages 23 and 25. With retirement at 60 that makes a possibility of 35 to 37 years of active airline fying. That gives a maximum of 44,700 maximum, if you flew the maximum, and that is totally unlikely. And I suspect the FAA would likely have lifted your flying license if they were aware you were flying more than the allowable time. I'd say that, by the time you left United you had not likely accumulated more than 30,000 hours. With post airline flying it is very unlikely you woulk have accumulated another 20,000 plus. Are you really a legend, or just a legend in your own mind?

I noted a math error and typo in my last post. The time should be 44,400 vice 44,700 and the typo should read would vice woulk. As well, rolling a 727 should be left to pilots like Tex Johnson. And flying a 747 as a single pilot is nothing short of stupid, if not criminal. Just because you can do it is no excuse to do so. As a Flight Surgeon in the Royal Canadian Air Force I would have lifted your aircrew category had I caught you at a stunt like either of those! One has to wonder at Mr. Lacy's sanity for doing these sorts of assinine, self promothing performances.

I want to thank everyone on this post blog for their words about the most despicable act one can do in a lifetime ... SCAB! In a country where unionism is getting a bad rap, and the detioration of the middle class at hand, the history lesson given here on this blog is refreshing. Let us never forget the battles our fathers and grandfathers fought to bring us out from under the heavy hand of corporate greed, which has gotten worse every year since the great depression.

Remember, a SCAB is a SCAB always, forever, even in death and eternity ... Always a SCAB!

JR Barton

Thanks for putting this on the public record

So much for the Howard Hughes Memorial Award.

The above comments say it all.

I have nothing to bad.

JB Cockrell

clay lacy is arguably the most despised individual to ever grace the United Airlines Uniform.
At age 60 (manditory retirement age), lacy produced records indicating he was actually 58, in essence a de facto admission he had lied and falsified federal documents for decades to usurp the seniority system.
This person is disserved of no honor. SCAB lacy is an honorless, self promoting egotist, who would step on anyone for self aggrandizement.

Gentlemen of United and all others, your eloquent comments say it all, I was there for 30 years and agree with the above. Bob Hoover is in his later years and would not be privy to what we all know . Bob is one of the finest gentlemen I have ever been priveleged to know. Gordy

Clay lied about his age when he was 14 so he could solo and get his private. Then got his commerical when he was actually 16 and his job with United some where around 19 and his ATP when he was 21. You have to be 23 for that. So these violations carried with him quietly until he was 58. Then he came forward to say he really wasn't 60 so he could continue to fly for 2 more years as the Senior Pilot. The pilot that found the bible was Pierre Gallant.
I feel that this is as bad as being a SCAB.

ANY aircraft in any moviie with a N number ending in CL should be banned as it is a SCAB craft of guess who?

Lacy was one of the worst pilots I ever flew with. He was a self centered egotistical person who always considered his way the only way. He never listened to his crew and treated them as if they did not exist. This so called "award" is now worthless and any aviator who receives it in the future should be embarrassed.

Nothing much to add with what has already been said about clay. I notice that two of the comments are signed by one Chief Pilot and another Flight Manager - both of them among the few Highly Respected Flight Managers with UAL. In my capacity of several union tours of Grievance, Safety, and Professional Standards I heard of many stories of this piece of work and never heard a good word to offset the stories. Doug

All are commenting on Clay ( and with good cause) but I feel that Hoover is over arrogant and dangerous.
I was taxing for departure on the south side of LAX and had been cleared to the end of the taxiway when Bob in a P51 came out of the FBO at near rotate speed, without even talking to ground control. He cut me off with his right turn on the the east bound taxi way and only when he was at the end of the runway did he bother to contact ground.

His is a legend in his own mind and should have been ushered into the old folks home long ago. There are too many real hero pilots who are gentlemen to honor than to hold this jerk up as a role model.

Pilot for 59 years
ATP 13 Types, 27,000 + hours

The first time I had the dis-pleasure of flying with clay lacy was in June of 1966. I was a newly promoted first officer, and this was my very first "after IOE" line trip as a FO.

clay called for the before takeoff checklist while taxiing the CV 340 near V1 to runway 1L at SFO. Of course the runup and mag checks, prop cycling were just flat NOT Done, and he was cleared for takeoff. I was still halfway through the checklist when we went airborne, without so much as a hint that he was actually going to takeoff. I at least thought we would complete the items. So much for respect for checklists, SOP's, safety, and his fellow crew membwers, if nothing else. This was at least 10 years before "CLR" (then renamed CRM) put the brakes on guys like this.

The stretch DC8 was not a piece of cake to get a grease job, and nobody really expected one, but on several subsequent occasions, with me in the right seat, he slammed this beautiful bird onto the pavement, once in SanDiego so hard that I thought we should have it inspected. (He didn't think so) So much for the finness and skill of this guy. He was a myth. At the end of the day, it was all about clay. He gave us the final finger when he crossed the picket line in 85. Nice guy !!

What a bunch of babies you UAL Pilots are. You don't like someone because he crossed a picket line decades ago so you decided to assassinate his character on some arbitrary website? Grow UP!.

You and your unions have RUINED aviation - look what you're deal did for United - they're now bankrupt and have been purchased by another POS airline. The result is crappy service for those of us who must actually fly commercial at times. United is a shell of itself and a joke in the industry.

And you and your unions are at least partially responsible.

You don't like Clay - so what. He deserves the accolades being bestowed on him. He has done more for aviation than most of you. That I'm 100% sure of.

Bunch of freakin' babies - you wish you were as cool as Clay.

Pull your head out of your ass. Read who the comments are by-- guys that flew with him on the line not second hand bs. lacy's scabbing just revealed publicly how self-serving all his actions were.

For those not familiar with the 1985 strike by the pilots of United, we were not striking for a big raise, or for our Mother's birthday off, etc. We were striking because our CEO, dick ferris, wanted to break the union, get his photo on the cover of Fortune magazine and THEN cut the pay of all employees to bare minimums, a la francisco lorenzo.. With this scenario in mind and knowing that less then 6% of the UAL pilots crossed the picket line (scabbed) it magnifies the damning, everlasting moniker of "SCAB".

My big hard about him is not that he was a scab, which was despicable, but his total regard for safety. I flew as his s/o a couple of trips in the DC 6 out of LAX.
One of the duties of the s/o , during taxi out, was to check the rear passenger door to see that it was properly closed. (flight attendants were not trusted to do that.) While I was doing that, Clay would do an abbreviated run-up and try to get airborne before I returned to the cockpit. Also he would make full stall landings like he was flying a small Cessna. Had I not been on probation and still cowed from losing 8 of my 32 new hire school classmates, I would have turned him. I feel guilty about not reporting him to this day. Another tale, which is hearsay, was told to me by one of Clay's business pilots. Seems he took the pilot and several other employees to the Grand Canyon for a Christmas lunch in his Lear Jet. Clay dove the Lear at a high rate of speed into the Canyon then flew vertically upward, gently rolling the plane, right opposite the big hotel there.
In my opinion, the world is extremely fortunate to not have lost a lot of people because of his foolishness!!

My father idolized this old fat grizzly buzzard! I will never know why. I was supposed to look up to him and grovel at his fat feet! Clay hated everybody including my dad and my dad always tried to help him. I interviewed with Clay about 4 times at Clays request! Each time he called me and personally asked me to come and work for him. A very invalidating group! I also compete with him in the film biz as well.

On one interview I taxied in with a Gulfstream as captain and he invited me up to his office. He offered me a job as a co-pilot for 1/4 of what I making to fly his Lear jet as if he was offering me the keys to Fort Knox with my Gulfstream on his ramp! He said to expect to do this for at least a year or more! I think he hated me and did this as a rude sick joke! He was delusional and said but that’s the way we do things here! I finally said ya know Clay don't call me anymore for work. It's too bad he seemed likeable. I cannot wait to his namesake ripped off the hangar walls at VNY like the toppling of a Saddam statue!

I heard a rumor he was hated so much at United that someone took a BIG dump in his flight bag and to this day he does not know who did that! Priceless! Can anyone substantiate that?

To all you union guys; I deliberately did not apply to United and really needed work but would not due to the strike, even though I was starving while fat Cat Clay was getting fatter/richer by the day. What a greedy desperate little man he turned out to be and I will never know why some aviation rags worshipped him while other lesser known volunteered their time to promote and foster aviation.
Years later Eastern Airlines called me numerous times during the strike to come to work for them. Each time I hung up the phone and told them no way! I was not an employee and they were seeking contract pilots! There are guys who will cross that line and those who will not. I never viewed Clay as a scab but going forward I will and I will not work for him. It is obvious he is a despised man and the Bob WHO-VER award will be besmirched by this award.

It was a real honor to be placed in the EAP program at my airline. My crime-Throwing clay lacy out of the bar at the Airtel Motel at KVNY. He is a low life SOB. He also tried to take off out of HKG 10,000 lbs over weight. The F/O walked off the airplane.

Captain Mark

When my airline hired clay to do some photography for advertising, I was the pilot. When he was introduced, I didn't raise my hand to shake his outstretched hand. He asked why, and I told him, in front of others there, that I only shook hands with those that I respected, and that I didn't respect SCAB's. He took it as an insult, and I was replaced. Fine with me.

For over 26 years I've heard people tell one story after another about the arrogance and self-centeredness this man pssesses. A month ago jump seating on American Eagle the co-pilot said he had flown for the bigest a..hole in the world at his previous job... it was Lacy. Just yesterday a FA said she met Lacey 8 to 10 time and he never remembered meeting her.

The TV special about him makes him out a hero, showing once again, you can't believe what you see on TV.

Hope he reads these post.

BJ Berry must be jonesin' for a job. How can one argue with the sea of comments coming from his former fellow crewmembers? Can you imagine having a legacy like this as a remembrance of the path you bulldozed in life? This goes beyond scabs and unions...this is about safety and arrogance. I don't know Clay Lacy from a bag of apples but I do place a lot of credibility in what these UAL boys are saying. BJ, I hate to tell you this but there ain't no tooth fairy either.
Tony 777 Capt at another major airline

Laughable listening to these UAL ALPA clowns given their history of destruction to their own within the brotherhood that makes scabbing look like child's play.

Shall we discuss the boning you arrogant bastards did to your Frontier brothers in 1986? How about the caving of Scope to send 1437 of your UAL brothers and sisters to the street? The pension hosing and spineless actions reference your retirees? Many of whom sacrificed a lot of blood and sweat to make UAL a great airline. The Aer Lingus charade you tough guys sold out on.

Oh, your strike in 1985? You all folded like cheap suits

Pot meet kettle.

A little over the top, John. A brain surgeon has no room to be arrogant. In fact he/she should be aong the humblest of individuals. Itis incumbent upon him/her to recognize that he/she has been granted the great priviledge of operati;ng on premier creature of God's creation, and on the premier organ of same. This should lead one to gratitude, not arrogance. By and large the arrogant get weeded out. Patients can't stand them! As for Lacy, that's another matter.

John Teborn, BJ Berry and anyone who defends or befriends a SCAB,

None of us could articulate better about a SCAB than Jack London did over 100 years ago. I won't even attempt to describe one here. (Thank you, Jim McCusker.)
It is obvious that neither of you two despicable morons could have read or possess the brain to comprehend his amazingly accurate descriptions!
You must be both SCABs, didn't have the gray matter to become a real pilot and never could get over the jealousy for one, or have a fundamental hatred for unions. In either case there is no reason to even argue with SCAB like creatures such as yourselves.
For the benefit of "real" human beings who may not know, the SCAB mentality is what we are discussing here.
The reason I and the rest of my brothers who have known or flown with a SCAB are so adamantly against those subhumans has nothing to do with "brotherhood" or "unions."
I know it is hard for John or "BJ" to swallow (punt intended) the fact that it is the SCAB psyche that makes you, him or her a lousy, arrogant, undisciplined, and dangerous pilots. Every single SCAB I have had the displeasure of sharing a cockpit with would have never made it as a real pilot, unless they lied, cheated or moved up in that seat because they SCABed!
Lacy was no better or worse than your average two legged fowl creature who crawled into a cockpit in the middle of a just and legal industrial dispute. His entire miserable career and empire is built on lies!
For you two, I am sorry you never made it as real pilots or brain surgeons. Don't beat yourselves up too much. It is your SCAB mentality, make and model!

Captain Ross "Rusty" Aimer
UAL Ret.
Aero Consulting Experts

With a response like you wrote, regardless of being for or against, it is no wonder you have no clients listed on your website. Showing your true colors here shows me to stay away, stay very far away from you and your supposed consulting company.

See "Rusty" , there is that arrogant know it all brain surgeon mentality and ignorance leaching through. I am MIGS with ALPA and never crossed, or would ever cross a picket line.

My post has nothing to do about defending or condoning scabs, but is written towards clowns like yourself. Ilk that don't have the guts to look in the mirror at their own past despicable union practices (of which you conveniently failed to address) of scab like behavior and an all about me attitude. Maybe you need a lesson in reading comprehension considering your delusional rant, or perhaps you're getting a bit senile with the old age there Captain Rusty boy, but again to reiterate, my post never even mentioned, or defended scabs.

Next time you try and defend the pathetic ilk at UAL, of which you were a main perpetrator, "Captain" Rusty, ask yourself: How is your UAL retirement doing these days? What happened to my 1437 brothers and sisters after we sold them out on Scope? I wonder what happened to those loyal ALPA Frontier pilots in 1986?

Now for extra points "Captain" Rusty, why don't you tell all the good folks in internet land why you arrogant UAL pricks picked up the label of brain surgeon? Now there is a good history lesson about unions. Have a nice day Doc.


P.S. just curious.....does keeping the "Captain" label in front of your name after retirement fill some pathetic need to stroke your ego? I'll bet you were a real peach to fly with.

Looks like my post got deleted. Whining to the moderators there "Captain Rusty"?

Sorry to disappoint you "Captain Rusty", full MIGS with ALPA and current 121. Notice, I never once defended scabs, but scab like behavior of which you UAL brain surgeons take 1st prize.

Despite your senility laced rant and response, you never did mention the loss of pensions, 1437 furloughs, Aer Lingus Scope give away and the final, the icing on the cake, the back stabbing behavior perpetrated on your Frontier brothers in 1986.

Do tell us Captain.


P.S. Does keeping the "Captain" in front of your name in retirement stroke that over inflated ego?

Well, I know that I've been in hiding for quite awhile now, but I just can't keep quiet about this one.

Ill say that, yes, of course, having a certain amount of arrogance comes with the territory of being an Aviation Legend. (Like myself) ;) But, frankly, I think I earned it; this guy appears to have been born an entitled ass.

Furthermore, no Captain, of any airplane, should be receiving an award while his co-pilots have nothing but contempt for him. Especially a bloody award named after the great Howard R Hughes Jr. HA! (He probably wishes he was me!)

Therefore, I hereby disavow Clay Lacy as the recepient of my award and condemn with extreme prejudice the selection of such an individual to any position of honor.


PS Please send said award to my friend Melvin, Las Vegas, Nev.

So, John, in other words you were just trolling eh?

Clay Lacy
1. Lied about his age to start flying two years earlier than legal.
2. Continued the lie to get hired by United Airlines.
3. Reaped both the pay and benefits of that seniority for his entire career.
4. Flew for the National Guard where he stole and profited from the work and creativety of other service members.
5. Was on of only 6% of pilots who crossed the picket line during United Airlines' 1985 strike.
6. After an entire career at United Airlines, he reads the family bible and discovers his true age, or perhaps the bible moved him to come clean about his true age.
7. He enjoys two more years, the top of the seniority list, flying for United Airlines.
8. Invested the fortune amassed at United, and others' innovations to build his own business.
9. He is dispised by those who have worked along side of, or for him for his greed, arrogance, lack of integrity, and disregard for safety.
10. His reputation is now tarnishing the Howard Hughes Memorial Award.

BJ Berry
1. Hates unions.
2. Thinks that pilots who gave up half of their pay, their retirement, and many of their benefits are responsible for declining service and the demise of United Airlines.
3. Probably believes that Glenn Tilton and Jeff Smisek should get more than the tens of millions of dollars they get in bonuses each year, because they have to deal with selfish pilots!
4. Has no comment on Clay Lacy.

John Tebron
1. Takes opposing view to BJ Berry.
2. The union hasn't done enough for the pilots at United Airlines.
a. Thinks Frontier pilots got screwed by United pilots.
b. Didn't save the pay, retirement, or benefits that BJ thinks pilots don't deserve.
c. Did not protect United's scope in bankruptcy resulting in 1437 pilots still being furloughed.
d. Would probably have supported bigger concessions, or a strike to defend scope.
3. Makes no mention of the role of the Railway Labor Act, a bankruptcy judge, United's management, or people like Clay Lacy in destroying the pilot profession.

John Tebron
1. Takes opposing view to BJ Berry.


2. The union hasn't done enough for the pilots at United Airlines.


UAL ALPA has some real stellar trip loss queens that have done wonders for themeslves

a. Thinks Frontier pilots got screwed by United pilots.

I don't think it. I know it. I had 2 very close relatives that were pilots at the old Frontier. Revisionist history is very easy told to the newer generation of UAL pilots by some of the ilk leftover from that era.

b. Didn't save the pay, retirement, or benefits that BJ thinks pilots don't deserve.

The current cadre of UAL ALPA pilots sold out your retirees. Not my version of unionism

c. Did not protect United's scope in bankruptcy resulting in 1437 pilots still being furloughed.

You willingly gave it up.

d. Would probably have supported bigger concessions, or a strike to defend scope.

No to concessions, yes to a strike.

3. Makes no mention of the role of the Railway Labor Act, a bankruptcy judge, United's management, or people like Clay Lacy in destroying the pilot profession.

Actually I did to the last point, but I am sick and tired of hearing the excuses and rationalizations about the givebacks UAL ALPA made in BK. For so much tough talk, when it came time to the nut cutting, you all folded and sold out your own guys. Just like a scab would do.

Speaking of the RLA, I am honestly pretty sick and tired watching ALPA National do absolutely nothing trying to change the laws while they suck up millions in dues. I will admit, after age 65 I stopped backing the PAC though. Seeing guys like crusty Rusty sucking 5 more years is again in my opinion a travesty and perfect example of hypocrisy within ALPA.

i flew with clay lacy as a co pilot on the dc 8 he would regularly make a power off approach into san diego there was a fly in bar and restaurant on the approach end of the runway if a pilot with a few drinks in a light plane taxies into position without clearance clay's flying days would be over without a medal from bob hover with the power off on a dc 8 it takes 8 seconds to spool up that might be time for the light plane to clear the active but not for the dc 8 to avoid an accident

Stop whining, unionist cry babies. If you have grievances against him as an aviator, that's one thing. But if you're just sore because he didn't play along with your little gang, then boohoo for you.

The only thing funnier than a dead SCAB, is a dead SCAB in a clown suit. I can't to piss on his gravestone. Did I mention that he's a SCAB?

I have been a pilot at United for 27 years and am a 3rd generation United pilot. After reading this blog I have to clarify a few points.
I have NEVER flown with anyone at United that had anything but total disrespect for Clay Lacy. This was due to the many reasons that have been previously stated.
I have personally flown with Captain Rusty Aimer. He is a fine pilot and a gentleman of the highest professional and moral standards. I could not hold a fellow aviator in higher esteem.
Dick Ferris and Donald Burr are the responsible parties for the destruction of the old Frontier, not the pilots at United. We had just gone on strike fighting a 2 tier pay scale. When the Frontier buy out was announced, the Frontier pilots were not making what the United pilots were making on the A scale. Frontier pilot union leaders were insistent that they have their pay brought up to the United A scale rate and United ALPA was supportive of this stance. Frontier was owned by People Express. People Express was in deep financial trouble and needed cash fast so Don Burr made a deal with Ferris that in exchange for some 737’s and hangers in Denver, Ferris would give them cash before the deal was approved by the Justice Department. Ferris then realized that these assets were all he really wanted anyway so he decided to let the remainder of the deal collapse blaming it on the United pilots insistence that Frontier pilots be paid the same. United ALPA’s only crime was to not adequately dispute these absurd claims publicly.
Back in the day when we actually hired new pilots I always got a kick out of watching ex-military pilots make the transition from ultra-right wing conservative to strong unionists. It usually took only about a year or two for them to see what was going on at United. They soon realized that upper management has only one goal, personal enrichment. They could care less about their company, employees, customers or safety. The traveling public should hold a deep debt of gratitude to the United pilots for our efforts to counter these evil forces and provide a safe travel experience for the customers that entrust us with their lives.