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Safe Flight Certifies AutoPower on G150

 - November 1, 2012, 12:45 PM

Safe Flight Instrument’s AutoPower autothrottle system has made its way onto the Gulfstream G150 (and via retrofit the G200). The STCed system, available as a factory-new option or via retrofit from authorized Gulfstream service centers, can extend the aircraft’s range or payload with its fuel savings. “You can take one extra passenger and his bags on a flight because of the fuel savings from the AutoPower system,” said sales manager Ken Bannon.

The system is designed to operate in all phases of flight, from takeoff through landing, including throttle retard functions and go-around capability. It can be used with and without the Pro Line 21 autopilot, and is completely integrated into the avionics.

FAA testers remarked on the smoothness and accuracy of the autothrottle retrofit, noting speed control of +2 -0 knots on the flight testing for the STC, according to Safe Flight. “The system will shift from power to speed mode upon altitude capture,” explained Bannon. “On descent it will move the throttles aft, and again, on landing, it will pull the throttles into retard mode at 50 ft agl. Best of all, it maintains the Pro Line 21 required time of arrival speed management logic that Gulfstream pilots enjoy,” he said.

The system is FAA STCed, with EASA, Brazilian and Transport Canada certification expected this year. Installation is expected to take two weeks and is available from the factory or a Gulfstream- authorized MRO.