Union Demands More Oversight of Contract Maintenance

 - February 25, 2013, 10:05 AM

According to the Transportation Trades Department (TTD) of the AFL-CIO union, 70 percent of airline maintenance is conducted by outside contractors, and some of the most comprehensive work on transport aircraft “should be conducted only by Part 145 certified repair stations,” according to TTD president Edward Wytkind.

His remarks were part of formal comments submitted to an FAA notice of proposed rulemaking calling for increased surveillance of contract maintenance facilities. While TTD supports the overall increased oversight of these stations the FAA is seeking, the proposal still falls short, Wytkind said. The agency should require an air carrier representative to be physically present to observe the work being performed, he added.

“How can anyone argue that outsourced work, much of it performed overseas, does not need to meet the same safety standards as in-house maintenance, or that employees do not need the same level of training and oversight?” Wytkind argued.


Once again the leadership of the unions representing American Mechanics speaks from ignorance and raises unfounded fears. If these so called professionals had any inkling of the true nature of the competition from overseas they would be screaming for more education and oversight to go with the high wages US mechanics are currently absorbing.
Spend a month in any of the Chinese or European repair stations, most certificated under part 145, and you'll come running back here happy for how good you have it in the good old USA.
When the penalty for neglegence or carelessness or just not taking the time to look in the book includes the possibility of a bit of time an a cell, it changes your perspective about the quality of work you do and how fast you do it.
Those people in the off-shore repairstations are making pretty good money and have much more stringent certification requirements than in the US.
Tell me what you've seen, not what the drunk behind 7-11 told you or you experience in a dream.
You can't stop at FL350 to get out and look for what just went thump.

The unions are only concerned with the unions. The leaders could care less about the union members or aircraft safety.