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NAASCO Prepares ‘Phase Two’ Starter Generator Mod

 - March 7, 2013, 11:45 AM

Enhanced performance, greater reliability and reduced operator maintenance costs are the primary selling points behind the “Mercury Mod” starter generator upgrade offered by Naasco Northeastern Corporation. In addition to celebrating the 18-year history of the upgrade, Naasco is sharing news about its upcoming “Mercury Mod-Phase Two” variant at Heli-Expo’13 (Booth No. C3924.)

Naasco president John Leslie said the new configuration offers improved brush life and cooler operating temperatures over the company’s original Mercury Mod improvement program. “We continue to hear success stories from our customers in the field who have converted their starter generators to our Mercury Mod,” he added.

Approved by the FAA for 19 150-amp and 160-amp starter generators manufactured by Lucas/Goodrich and APC, the original Mercury Mod includes newly machined air passages in the units’ drive-end and antidrive-end end bells. Modified units also receive new Naasco ETR FAA PMA-approved carbon brushes, a reconfigured fan cover and other enhancements that improve airflow, reduce cooling temperatures and exhaust the negligible carbon dust generated by the brushes.

Naasco also offers a 1,000-hour “no brush change” warranty on starter generators that receive the Mercury Mod upgrade package.