Paris Air Show

Bell 525 Helicopter’s Specs Just Got Better

 - June 20, 2013, 1:15 PM

Bell Helicopter (Static W24, T23 & 27) president and CEO John Garrison announced improved specifications for the in-development Bell 525 Relentless medium-lift helicopter at the Paris Air Show. Cruise speed at max continuous power and max gross weight has been increased from 140 knots previously specified to 155-plus knots, range from more than 400 to 500-plus nautical miles, useful load from 4,000 pounds to more than 7,400 pounds and maximum gross weight from 18,000 pounds to 19,300 pounds. Other changes include the addition of sponsons to the aft fuselage for retractable landing gear and internally stowed floatation devices; cowlings and fairings above the cabin roof modified for easy maintenance; and the flight deck rearranged slightly to improve situational awareness. First flight of the 525, which will be Bell’s largest helicopter, is planned for 2014.