Conflicting Details Emerge on Downing of Hawker in Venezuela

 - November 11, 2013, 2:23 PM

Details of how an old Mexican-registered Hawker came to be destroyed after entering Venezuelan airspace last week remained unclear at press time.

The Latin Times, a U.S.-based online Latino news source, reported November 7 that a Venezuelan military aircraft shot down a Hawker 125-400A after it illegally entered Venezuelan airspace near the Colombian border in the southern state of Apure.

A story in Friday’s Los Angeles Times says Mexico’s interior minister, Angel Osorio Chong, was told the Venezuelan military forced the Hawker to land and that the aircraft was later destroyed on the ground.

Unconfirmed reports claim the aircraft was either transporting drugs or somehow involved in the illegal drug trade. Because Venezuela is considered a significant point on the route to and from the U.S. for aircraft carrying drugs, the government there has been destroying secret runways created specifically to support aircraft tied to the drug trade.

The fate of the people aboard the Hawker is still unknown.