Cast Develops New Safety Data Collection System

 - July 7, 2014, 1:25 PM

The FAA last month released Safety Info for Operators document 14009 to explain a new data-gathering system on implementation of safety enhancements to Part 121 air carriers. The informational notice says all data gathered is only for the evaluation of industry-wide safety-related issues and is not intended to reflect regulatory compliance.

The FAA published the document as part of its support for the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (Cast), of which the agency is a participant along with air carriers, manufacturers and aviation labor organizations.

After analyzing accident data, Cast believes it has identified a number of voluntary safety enhancements that should prevent accidents. But because the implementation of these enhancements is voluntary and may vary from airline to airline, or between manufacturers, Cast wants to gather data on the implementation process itself to better measure the effectiveness of those safety enhancements. For example, the group is interested in learning about particular safety enhancements that have not been implemented by an air carrier because an alternative means of compliance was created in the field. Responding to the Cast request is voluntary, as is all participation in the group’s activities.

The team says it is dedicated to reducing the commercial aviation accident rate, as well as the number of fatalities associated with those accidents.