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Smart Dimmable Windows Enhance Cabin Comfort

 - October 20, 2014, 11:20 AM
“Smart” windows from Vision Systems use suspended particle device (SPD) technology to dim progressively. The Venetian blind effect can be actuated by passengers’ personal electronic devices, and also contributes to quieting cabin interiors.

Vision Systems (Booth 1551) is showcasing its expanded range of electronically dimmable windows here at NBAA 2014. The French company’s Nuance Multizone range of windows promises improved comfort for passengers because it allows the dimming of light to be adjusted for each window.

Using suspended particle device (SPD) technology, windows can be dimmed progressively in less than five seconds to reduce light, glare and heat. The windows can be dimmed gradually from either the top or the bottom, with various zones being adjusted without separation marks appearing in the window. The effect is something like that achieved with a Venetian blind, and the dimming process is controlled from a button next to the window or via a control panel or personal electronic device.

The SPD technology helps to keep cabins cool by maintaining the darkest possible shading on the ground. It also blocks 99.9 percent of UV light, protecting aircraft interiors from fading. The equipment, which also contributes to reducing cabin noise, has no moving parts and so requires less maintenance than traditional window blinds.

The dimmable windows are also available in different colors and with different shades ranging from clear to ultra-dark. One option for passengers wanting complete privacy is to have an opaque white finish on cabin windows and partitions.

Vision Systems also has developed the Energia range of dimmable windows, which generate energy from the sun through transparent photovoltaic cells integrated in the glazing. The energy collected is stored in batteries that power the window dimming system.

Also on the company’s NBAA exhibit this week is its new Visi VIP in-flight entertainment system. The system can be configured in a variety of ways including multiple screens, motorized displays up to 65 inches in size and HDMI screens. The system can also be accessed via passengers’ personal electronics devices.

Vision Systems also offers a SwiftBroadband satcom connectivity option in partnership with Satcom1 to allow passengers to access the Internet, use smartphones, send and receive email and make VoIP calls.