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NBAA 2012 App Helps Show-goers Navigate

 - October 25, 2012, 9:15 AM

If you run into a show-goer who is too busy poking at his or her smartphone instead of navigating the crowded NBAA’12 aisles here in Orlando, it might not be ordinary texting, emailing or web-surfing that has so tautly engaged their attention. Rather, these smartphone-addicted denizens are probably looking for a booth location or updating their show schedules, using the free NBAA’12 mobile device app.

The app is available for Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry and web-capable devices. Not only does it allow users to set up a customized schedule culled from all the NBAA’12 opportunities, but find meeting rooms and exhibitors, view maps of the Orange County Convention Center and view show-related videos, Twitter and Facebook feeds and news.

A cool feature is the “Friends” button, which lets users track each other’s whereabouts, by exchanging “friend codes.” Push the “What are you doing” refresh button, and any friends that you have added and for which you have exchanged codes will show their updates. The exhibitor search function allows users to view the location of the booth on a map of the exhibit hall, or a press of another button allows users to add that company to their schedule. If you’re lost, click the “Locate me” function, type in the name of the nearest exhibitor, and the map will pop up with that location.

These show apps have become indispensible tools for avid convention-goers, and the NBAA’12 app is a good example of a dynamically updatable apps. It’s a great way to not only prepare for the show,” said Jason Wolf, NBAA Internet communications director, “but to make the entire NBAA 2012 experience a much better, much more efficient one.” –M.T.