Singapore Air Show

Wearable Fountx System Assists Mx Technicians

 - February 17, 2016, 6:25 PM

Engine maintenance, repair and overhaul specialist TAE is here exhibiting Fountx, a wearable augmented-reality system that enables a remote expert to support a technician in real-time. The new system consists of an operator headset and a station from which the expert relays guidance on how to complete specific tasks.

The headset includes a near-eye display, which does not undermine the user’s spatial awareness, according to TAE (Stand F75). According to the Australian company, its Fountx software and cameras allow users to communicate clearly, including the use of “intuitive gesturing.” Industrial research organization CSIRO was involved in Fountx’s design.

TAE business development manager Greg Twiner told AIN that Fountx allows companies to undertake repair and maintenance work without the trouble and expense of having to fly a specialist to the site where the work needs doing. The remote specialist can access information and resources that would not generally be available at a remote repair site, and the system is also a useful tool for training groups of maintenance staff. The expert station can run as a standalone system or be connected to an existing network.

TAE specializes in engine maintenance, repair and overhaul. Outside the Australian domestic market, its client base includes the Royal Malaysian Air Force and the Royal Thai Navy. It has been selected to support the F135 engines for Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighters operating in the Asia Pacific region.