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JSSI Is Open To All for Spares

 - August 16, 2017, 4:14 PM

JSSI (Jet Support Services, Inc.) launched its JSSI Parts business in 2015 to expand its offering in the aviation MRO market and last year began acquiring whole aircraft to provide a source of hard-to-find spares, particularly for older types. The company is well known for its hourly cost maintenance programs for aircraft, engines and APUs, but also offers services to customers that have not signed up for hourly programs, including parts supply.

Intended mainly for customers that have their own maintenance facilities and teams, and also those having difficulty locating spares for particular types, this open-to-all service leverages the purchasing power of the company as a whole to source parts at competitive prices. The JSSI team has access to both new and reconditioned parts and selects the most cost-effective solution, with stringent inspections of reconditioned components. JSSI Parts can source spares for 196 aircraft types, 119 engine models and 60 types of APU, and quickly dispatch them worldwide. The company also offers whole supply chain and logistics management.

Advisory services that draw on the JSSI's experience in the marketplace are also available to customers that are not part of a maintenance program. JSSI can plan, manage and oversee one-off maintenance events.

Additionally, JSSI offers an asset-inspection service, aimed mainly at lending institutions that wish to monitor the health of the assets against which they have issued loans. The company also offers valuation appraisals accredited to the standards of the American Society of Appraisers. JSSI is looking to expand this business in Latin America, where it has an office in São Paulo.