Singapore Air Show

China's Star Displays Two Innovative UAVs

 - February 7, 2018, 2:28 AM
A model of the Star Shadow UAV.

Founded in November 2015 in China’s “aerospace city” of Chengdu, Star UAV System is displaying models of two of its eye-catching UAVs at the Singapore Airshow.

One is the AT200 Air Truck, an unmanned version of the Pacific Aerospace P750XL utility aircraft from New Zealand. Star UAV has taken the short takeoff and landing aircraft and installed an autonomous unmanned control system with the cockpit area faired over. Successful flight tests got under way last October.

Able to carry a payload of 3,300 pounds, the AT200 is intended to fly cargo missions, principally in remote areas. Inheriting the ability to operate from unprepared and short strips from its P750XL origins, the AT200 can fly into regions with difficult terrain to transport vital cargo. For operations where no runways are present, such as remote islands, the AT200 can be equipped with an air-drop capability.

AT200 Air Truck.

Alongside the AT200 is the Star Shadow, a stealthy design reminiscent of UCAVs such as the X-47. Star UAV claims a 12-hour endurance and 50,000-ft ceiling for the Star Shadow, which has a wingspan of just under 50 ft. Power is provided by a pair of TWS800 jet engines, with intakes and exhausts on the upper side of the flying-wing design. The engines were developed by CCAS Aircraft Engine, also based in Chengdu.

Star UAV is aiming the Star Shadow at export sales, and expects to fly the design for the first time in 2019.