Thommen ADCs Support Supersonic Flying

 - April 4, 2018, 1:26 PM
Thommen's AC32 incorporates high-speed sensors to compute supersonic speeds.

Thommen Aircraft Equipment has added capabilities to its AC32 air data computer, including support for supersonic flight and angle-of-attack (AOA) computations to help prevent critical flight attitudes at low speeds. The company also highlighted at the Aircraft Electronics Association conference “substantial investments in a new line of digital avionics and display solutions.”

The AC32 now incorporates high-speed sensors to compute supersonic speeds, according to Thommen, “which greatly expands the range of applications and aircraft types of the product.” The unit uses high-performance vibrating cylinder pressure sensors to measure barometric altitude and airspeed, “providing outstanding accuracy and stability for both static and pitot ports.”

The AOA sensor provides inputs to the air data systems via dedicated labels on the Arinc 429 bus. “Correction factors from wind tunnel tests can also be applied to derive the corrected angle and guarantee precise and reliable measurements, from takeoff to landing,” according to the company.