GE Aviation Digital Joins Software Business

 - December 3, 2020, 8:17 AM

GE Aviation’s Digital Group has joined GE’s software business, GE Digital. The group fashions digital solutions that address flight safety, fuel, asset records, and network operations for commercial airlines and business jet operators that increase aircraft readiness and decrease the sustainment cycle time and sustainment costs. GE Digital’s aviation software facilitates the collection of full flight data, manages compliance for leased asset records, and provides advanced analytics for fuel management, operational safety, and fleet optimization.

This solution enables aircraft operators to address maintenance issues faster, make better decisions regarding real-time fleet health, and increase fleet reliability. These predictive maintenance capabilities drive reduced operational costs through analytics-based solutions that take maintenance from unplanned to planned.  

GE Digital CEO Pat Byrne said the group is “well-positioned to provide digital solutions across the aviation industry. They provide data-driven insights for commercial airlines and business jet operators to help aircraft operators to reduce operational costs, empower crews, improve passenger experience, and get mission-ready. With the addition of aviation as a target market for GE Digital, we are strengthening our overall industrial software business.”