Flying Art Car Draws a Crowd in Miami

 - December 2, 2021, 2:39 PM

Even the Ferraris seemed impressed by the flying art car making its American debut inside garage-cum-gallery TheArsenale at Art Basel Miami Beach this week. Aeromobil claims that its flying car will transform from road to sky in three minutes and will be able to drive/fly for more than 278 nm. It comes equipped with an emergency ballistic parachute, which can lower the entire vehicle safely to the ground in case of catastrophic failure or other emergencies. 

Test flights of the Aeromobile flying car began in September 2020, and the Slovakia-based company expects its personal aerial vehicle will enter service in 2023. Flight testing has shown that the flying car reached its targeted top speed of 139 knots and it can take off in 1,300 feet and climb at more than 1,200 fpm. Stall speed is around 60 knots.

The flying car will remain on display at theArsenale through the end of December.

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