Singapore Air Show

Shell Makes Singapore's First SAF Delivery

 - February 17, 2022, 10:39 AM
Shell has delivered the first batch of sustainable aviation fuel to Singapore becoming the first fuel provider to begin offering SAF to its customers in the region. (Photo: Shell Aviation)

Shell is the first fuel provider to supply sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Singapore, the company announced this week during the Singapore Air Show. SAF, a crucial pillar in the aviation industry's sustainability ambitions, is currently approved for use at blends of up to 50 percent with conventional jet fuel. In its neat, or 100 percent, form it can provide lifecycle carbon emissions reductions of up to 80 percent versus fossil fuels.

While the first batch of Neste-produced SAF was blended in Europe, it will test and verify the supply chain the company has established in Asia. Subsequent batches will be blended in-country at Shell’s Singapore facility, which has been upgraded. According to the fuel company, having an in-region blending facility will enable a more efficient operation by allowing it to move neat SAF in bulk from production sources, and then deliver blended SAF to where it is required.

Shell is also developing plans to build a biofuel production facility at its energy and chemicals park in Singapore, which if completed would have the capacity to produce 550,000 tonnes of low carbon fuels a year. “Alongside investing in our capabilities to produce SAF, we are also focused on developing the regional infrastructure needed to get the fuel to our customers at their key locations,” said Shell Aviation global president Jan Toschka.