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Inviseo shows backrest ad scheme

 - December 7, 2006, 9:29 AM

German marketing specialist Inviseo has launched a new plan to raise cash for airlines. The idea involves using the bottom of the backrest tables in commercial airplanes for advertising. When in the upright position, the seatback displays guarantee intensive exposure to consumers throughout a flight. The firm has developed a table that can display printed media and meets all safety standards.

Four carriers–LTU, Onur Air, Aegean Air and Germanwings–have already signed up for the plan. Late last month, the latter chose Inviseo’s table for the 18 Airbus A319s it recently ordered. In 2002, LTU was the first airline to equip airplanes–six A320s–with the equipment, showing ads from Nikon and car manufacturer Seat.

The average exposure for the ads is said to be 40 minutes. According to Inviseo, the situation is a win-win: “Airlines will get their share of the profit, which Inviseo generates by trading the advertising space.” This could make a dent in the inflated aircraft fuel costs that are now sapping carriers’ bottom lines.