APS Brings Upset Recovery Training to Delta

 - April 24, 2015, 7:40 AM

Delta Air Lines has chosen Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) to teach upset prevention and recovery techniques (UPRT) to its senior simulator instructors, the airline announced on April 22. The simulator instructors will ultimately roll the training out to all 12,000 of Delta's pilots either directly or via other instructors they subsequently teach.

The course includes stall and approach to stall training in accordance with FAA AC 120-109, Stall and Stick Pusher Training. The advanced training—including type-specific jet training for each of the eight aircraft types the airline flies—provides pilots with skills and knowledge designed to prevent developing upset conditions and ensure correct recovery responses should an upset occur. The APS program includes preparatory UPRT academic training followed by dedicated APS training in level-D CAE transport-category simulators to learn how to apply concepts from the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid-Revision 2 to Delta’s training program. Delta’s instructors are also receiving instruction on how to teach UPRT effectively in a transport-category simulator. Those instructors will then develop their own type-specific jet upset training programs to meet regulatory requirements and the airline’s needs.