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ATR Taps Meggitt for Airborne Vibration Monitoring

 - November 10, 2017, 3:00 PM
A new vibration monitoring system manufactured by Meggitt Sensing Systems will allow fine-tuning of propeller vibration on ATR's line of turboprops.

ATR (Stand 836) has received certification for a new vibration monitoring system (VMS) that records and allows fine-tuning of propeller vibration on ATR turboprops. The VMS is manufactured by Meggitt Sensing Systems.

The VMS will be available on new ATRs in March 2018 and for retrofit to in-service ATRs via a service bulletin. The new VMS eliminates the need to arrange for ground testing for vibration monitoring or to send a technician on a revenue flight with monitoring equipment.

For passengers, the VMS helps lower vibration and engine noise for added comfort. For operators, the system improves component reliability and helps lower direct operating costs.

The VMS is permanently installed on the ATR’s Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127 engines, with an acceleration sensor mounted near each propeller. A vibration monitoring control unit stores the vibration analysis from each flight, and this can be downloaded by maintenance technicians for further analysis. The VMS report also becomes part of the ATR’s aircraft condition monitoring system data, which is used to provide guidance for propeller balancing tasks.

“This new VMS is yet another example of an innovation that ATR has developed that can effectively improve the efficiency of our customers’ maintenance operations,” said Tom Anderson, ATR senior vice president of programs and customer services. “We are committed to continuously developing both our products and maintenance services solutions that we are able to offer to customers, allowing them to minimize the time their aircraft spends on the ground and ensure they maximize the revenues that they generate.”