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Airbus Adds 10 Suppliers to Skywise Data Platform

 - July 18, 2018, 10:43 AM

Airbus on Wednesday brought 10 key suppliers into its new Skywise open data platform. The cloud-based system, which was launched at the 2017 Paris Air Show, allows airlines and suppliers to share and analyse data to improve reliability, quality, and performance.

Suppliers given full access to Skywise include Thales Avionics, Premium Aerotec, Palantir Technologies, and Liebherr Aerospace. The companies have been involved in an “early adopter” trial process for the system.

“I can now reproduce [equipment] failures exactly as they happened in the Airbus production line,” commented Gil Michielin, executive vice president of Thales Avionics. “Skywise gives us a full understanding of the root cause of problems and how to deal with them.”

Skywise is now being used by 22 airlines and includes data from more than 2,500 aircraft, 12 million flights, and 25 million maintenance actions.