American Airlines Adds Private Aviation Touches

 - February 22, 2019, 4:30 PM

American Airlines has boosted its Five Star service options on both sides of the U.S. through partnerships with two private aviation companies. Customers traveling through Los Angeles International and New York JFK Airports can now book private helicopter transfers through the airline as part of the American's agreement with rotorcraft operator Blade. The helicopters will pick passengers up at destinations of their choice in both cities and fly them to the airports, where they will be met by an American Airlines team member and escorted via luxury car to Flagship First check-in.

“The number-one pain point of traveling from NYC and LA to the airports is traffic,” explained Blade founder and CEO Rob Wiesenthal, adding that helicopter transfers can reduce a potential hour-and-a-half drive to just under seven minutes. “Blade and American Airlines will now provide customers with a seamless experience from the door of the helicopter to their seat on their American flight.”

The airline also has inked a deal with The Private Suite, a new exclusive terminal at LAX designed for first- and business-class travelers that features its own private airport entrance and in-house TSA screening and customs processing. Passengers are then driven across the tarmac directly to their gate.

Both services are available as individual add-ons to customers purchasing Five Star or Five Star Select services from American.