SR Technics Introduces Remote Table Inspections

 - July 19, 2020, 8:00 AM

Zurich-based MRO provider SR Technics is now offering remote table inspections (RTI) for engines at its facility. The new offering, which uses a video streaming portal, can apply to any engine type or shop visit.

According to the company, the use of RTIs can help diminish waiting times, cut travel costs and processing time, and eliminate bottlenecks in the process. Since items do not need to be blocked as in a physical table inspection, the remotely conducted process does not affect the flow of engine materials.

“The advantages of RTI are various, and it is possible to manage the engine history through video recording which is part of RTI and shorten the engine repair duration,” explained Seahee Cho, a powerplant engineer for engine maintenance with Asiana Airlines, which has used the procedure as a customer and expects it to foster improved cooperation between the clients and the MRO. “In addition, live streaming technology can be used for various issues that are not limited to table inspection and require further discussion.”

SR Technics noted that development of the innovation had already gotten underway when the Covid-19 pandemic struck in March, and it went live the following month. All of its repair customers can now follow the progress of inspection work on their engines, components, and modules remotely from their home bases.

“SR Technics is one of the first engine MRO providers to use video streaming technology for remote table inspections,” said Owen McClave, the company’s senior vice president for engine services. “Given the great reduction in travel and face-to-face interactions in recent months, this is yet another example of how our company has rapidly adapted to market demands while prioritizing the health of our customers and personnel.”