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Eurocopter's bizjet-caliber interiors are 'first cabin'

 - June 30, 2008, 11:32 AM
Compared with business jet cabins, helicopter cabins–even those in many executive helicopters–lean toward the utilitarian. Now American Eurocopter, in partnership with Heritage Aviation Services (both in Grand Prairie, Texas), has designed a cabin interior for the EC 155 that offers business jet amenities along with embedded acoustical barriers for improved soundproofing. A prototype mockup of the interior is on display at Eurocopter’s NBAA booth (No. 3215).

Using a multi-wall cocoon concept, the Advanced Iso-Quiet Cocoon Interior also permits the EC 155 to be outfitted with a variety of seating configurations, from four-place VIP to 10-place high-density. Said Jerry Livezey, v-p of Heritage, “The Heritage interior allows quick change from one seating arrangement to another if the customer selects the optional seating packages.”

Possible seating arrangements include two fore- or aft-facing captain chairs, three- or four-place couches (fore- or aft-facing) and two-place flex seats (usable only with couches). A variety of optional cabinet and refreshment centers is available, depending upon seating selection.

Between the cockpit and the cabin, the interior permits installation of an electrically actuated limo window, which can accommodate an MSA Accordia inner shade or a 22-in. monitor display. Cabin windows can be finished with tinted dual-pane windows or Accordia window shades.

“Control of all cabin lighting, privacy windows, video displays, entertainment systems and ICS is through touch-pad control and digital interface offered by Custom Control Concepts,” said Livezey. Heritage will also assist with selecting plating, leathers, fabrics, cushion styles, carpeting and wood finishes.

Delivery of the first interior system is scheduled for December. In kit form, the system will be available worldwide early next year.