CF34-3A2 Engine Upgrade Yields Longer Time on Wing

 - August 25, 2010, 11:25 AM
GE Aviation is offering an on-wing engine upgrade program for certain configurations of the CF34-3A2 that will allow the engines to go from a hard-time maintenance interval to an on-condition maintenance schedule. The company says the upgraded engines will have longer time on wing and greatly reduced maintenance costs, with no scheduled hot-section inspections or overhauls. “This new program for CF34-3A2 engines can be accomplished without a shop visit if the engine configuration meets the requirements specified in the bulletin,” said Bill Hoernschemeyer, general manager of business and general aviation sales at GE Aviation. “Converting these scheduled maintenance engines to on-condition will increase the time on wing for the engine, reduce maintenance expenses and improve the aircraft’s resale value.” According to Hoernschemeyer, the upgrade is available for 36 CF34-3A2 engines installed on Challenger 601s. GE declined to provide the cost of the upgrade.