Embraer Rolls Out First Legacy 500

 - January 3, 2012, 3:20 PM
Embraer rolled out the first Legacy 500 on December 23.

On December 23, Embraer rolled out the first midsize Legacy 500–S/N 00001–from the production hangar at the company’s São José dos Campos, Brazil headquarters. “This is a significant day for the Legacy 500 program,” said Embraer Executive Jets vice president of programs Maurício Almeida. “Releasing the aircraft from production to the test team will allow us to gather vital information during ground tests, which will be used to shorten the flight-test campaign.”

The Legacy 500 is scheduled to fly in the third quarter.

S/N 00001 is the first of three prototypes that will be used in development, ground, flight and certification testing. Development and test engineers are now beginning ground tests on the business jet; it will undergo initial systems evaluations leading to the first engine run, then ground vibration tests before performing the full regimen of ground tests.

The 3,000-nm jet is expected to receive Brazil ANAC and FAA certification late next year, followed by approvals from the EASA and other aviation authorities.