Jet Biofuel Derived from Sugar Cane To Be Tested on Embraer E195

 - June 5, 2012, 4:33 PM

Amyris’s jet biofuel, which is sourced from Brazilian sugar cane, has passed all required testing and will be used during a demonstration flight this month on an Azul Airlines GE CF34-10E-powered Embraer E195. The flight will take place in Brazil on June 19 during the Rio+20 United Nations conference on sustainable development. Amyris said its biofuel has been designed to comply with jet-A/A1 fuel specifications and to provide performance equivalent to that of conventional petroleum-derived fuel in a range of metrics, including fit-for-purpose properties and greenhouse gas emission reduction potential.


As a brazilian, a pilot, and always concerned with sustaining environment, i´m really proud to read this. I just hope it doesn't succeed like automotive ethanol, that nowadays is too expensive, related to gasoline prices. My car is a "flex" powered, which can use both gas and ethanol at any proportion, but lately (in the last 12 months) it only "drinks" gas, due to the prohibitive price of ethanol (even the one made around here). The companys have opted to make sugar, which has been much more profitable.

We are in new ERA and nothing has changed about fuel consuption for GA and the Airliners. It is time to make some changes and demonstrate that we could use other sorces of fuel in Jet Planes, like TAM Airlines doing for the Airbus NEO.