FAA Proposes Mx Penalties Against Airlines

 - July 18, 2012, 3:15 PM

The FAA has been busy with proposed penalties for alleged maintenance violations. Two civil penalties were proposed for Delta Air Lines. The first case was for alleged failure to repair a chip on the radome of a Boeing 737. According to the FAA, Delta operated the 737 for 20 flights after an FAA inspector reported the chip damage while conducting a preflight inspection on Feb. 25, 2010. The FAA is proposing a $687,500 penalty.

In the second case, Delta allegedly flew an Airbus A320 884 times between May 25, 2010 and Jan. 3, 2011 with a broken first officer’s cockpit floodlight socket, incurring a proposed fine of $300,000.

The FAA is proposing a $185,750 civil penalty against Kingfisher Air Services, of San Juan, P.R., for allegedly operating a Cessna 208B for 44 flights in June 2010 after three pilots reported the aircraft’s turboprop engine exceeded takeoff temperature limits. The carrier is accused of failing to send the engine for a light overhaul following the exceedance, after the first and second reports.