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Rolls-Royce Boosts CorporateCare Network And Services

 - October 29, 2012, 10:10 AM
Rolls-Royce’s CorporateCare support package is providing Power-by-the-Hour coverage for more than 1,200 business jets.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Rolls-Royce introducing its ground-breaking Power-by-the-Hour support package with a service developed for the Viper engines on the HS125 jet. That was back in 1962, and the engine manufacturer still has one aircraft supported on that program.

Today, Rolls-Royce calls the service CorporateCare in the business aviation market (mirroring its TotalCare service for airlines) and it is continuing to evolve the way it works based on input from customers. For instance, this year the UK-based group has introduced free on-wing labor coverage for line replaceable units and CorporateCare also now covers regularly scheduled borescope inspections.

For the BR725 engine that is about to enter service on Gulfstream’s new G650, Rolls-Royce will provide a replacement aircraft to cover periods of a few days while a replacement engine is being sourced for an out-of-service unit. G650 operators will also benefit from having labor for A and C checks included in the contract, as well as 12 hours of free troubleshooting.

Also new this year is an application for iOS and Android devices called MyAeroEngine Support. It uses GPS technology to help operators find the nearest authorized service center and Rolls-Royce regional customer manager–just as they can already do on their PC or laptop.

Meanwhile, the network of authorized service centers is growing to make support more readily available outside North America in markets such as Asia, the Middle East, Europe and South America. At the EBACE show in May, Rolls-Royce said it planned to increase the number of facilities from nine to 19, but now it aims to increase that to 34 by the end of this year.

Much of this expansion has been achieved by tapping into the support networks of its bizjet-making partners–Gulfstream, Bombardier and Cessna–but the engine maker is also adding more independent authorized service centers around the world. “Expanding the network is about improving the customer experience and streamlining the process,” said Andy Robinson, Rolls-Royce’s senior vice president for civil small- and medium-engine customer services. “We wanted to make the various services as simple and easy to use as possible.”

There are now some 1,200 aircraft worldwide covered by CorporateCare and that number is set to increase when the G650 and Cessna Citation Ten enter service soon.

“This is all about transferring the risk back to us and de-risking the entire maintenance operation for their asset,” said Stephen Friedrich, senior sales and marketing vice president for civil small and medium engines.

Rolls-Royce continues to look for new ways to improve CorporateCare by consulting with its Corporate Customer Council. One recent suggested improvement is to add support capability in Russia and the engine maker is working on this challenging proposition.



Rolls Royce paid millions of Dollars a year in secret corruption and slush funds to help sell their aero engines to airlines that will be "advised" (or forced!) by those receiving the secret slush funds.
Just one example is that Tommy Suharto (son of the ex-Indonesian president) was given about 20 million dollars and a new blue Rolls Royce car by Rolls Royce (before he was jailed for murder!) to force the Indonesian airline Garuda to take the R-R Trent 700 engine on the A330 aircraft they were buying. They got a really bad commercial deal and the follow-on warranty and support was probably the worst any operator had ever had. When Tommy was jailed, Rolls then paid his millionaire friend, Soetikno about 1 million dollars a year! This was supported by the Rolls exec in Indonesia (Dr Mike Gray) because Mike was given "personal benefit" by Soetikno to keep the contract going.
Dick Taylor. (ex Rolls-Royce Chief Service Rep)