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SkyAngels Cabin Safety and Service

 - October 31, 2012, 2:00 PM
SkyAngels founder Steffany Kisling

SkyAngels, a flight attendant staffing provider, was born when Steffany Kisling began her career as a corporate flight attendant. She soon realized that while a trained flight attendant was needed and required, the client expectations were for something more. “I recognized that the job is not about the flight attendant, but the client,” she explained. “The longer I flew, the more I began to realize that the services I was providing, from child care to hotel reservations to serving as a fourth at bridge, were appreciated. And more and more clients were asking for me by name. At that point, the idea of SkyAngels began to form.”

Today, SkyAngels operates out of more than 20 FBOs around the world, and its employees are the product of a week-long training program at the company’s San Francisco headquarters. SkyAngels also has partnerships with three of the top private operators in the U.S. “For those partners, we are even occasionally asked to train their in-house staff to the same service and safety standards.”

Being a SkyAngel is not simply a matter of walking in, paying a fee and going through the training. “We interview every candidate as a first step, and we have very strict requirements,” explained Kisling. “We look for personal and professional pride, a certain creativity and resourcefulness and a personality that we can match with those of our customers.” All candidates must complete a rigorous course in the principles of customer service, part of what Kisling refers to as a “boot camp” a process that is overseen by SkyAngels director Nicole Santiago.