Eurocopter To Be Renamed Airbus Helicopter

 - August 1, 2013, 4:28 PM
Starting next year, Eurocopter will be known as Airbus Helicopters. The move is part of a wide-spectrum branding effort at parent company EADS to leverage the Airbus division's brand name. (Photo: Eurocopter)

European aerospace behemoth EADS has aligned its brand with its aircraft manufacturing division to become simply Airbus Group, and is also applying the Airbus brand to its two other main divisions. Thus, Eurocopter will become Airbus Helicopters, and the defense and space divisions, Cassidian and Astrium, will be merged into one unit–Airbus Defence and Space–representing the third division.

The company’s board approved what was a proposal from CEO Tom Enders following a strategic review that he headed. It will now create a detailed plan for the transition to Airbus Group by year-end.

Eurocopter CEO Guillaume Faury confirmed the branding change: “As of January 1, 2014, Eurocopter will become Airbus Helicopters.”

According to Faury, “Eurocopter has grown to be the most international company in the EADS group. Over the past decade we have developed our international footprint in the most emerging markets and are also well known in key countries such as the U.S., Brazil and even in Asia. Our name no longer limits itself to just Europe. Even though you will soon know us under a different name, the scope of Eurocopter’s activities and of the company itself will be unchanged. We will remain a fully fledged helicopter division so we can continue to draw on the synergies provided by the civil and military versions of our aircraft.”


I liked the name Eurocopter! And I don't like the new name.
A helicopter is something unique, the name Eurocopter emphasizes that. Airbus helicopters sounds to much like it is a part of something big.

Ridiculous! It better previous: Aerospatiàle.

EURO COPTER is most suitable name for helicopters group, please don't change the name AIRBUS HELICOPTER, as its sound like something big.......... hoping for good result.

Hate it - Having worked on eurocopter product for the last 10 years, I think I have the right to hate it. Eurocopter means something in the industry how about Bell Helicopters change its name to Pepsi Cola Helicopters.

How about Bell Helicopters change their name to Pepsi Cola Helicopters. 10 years I have worked on Eurocopter products, this won't go well.

Since when did Airbus started making helicopters anyway? Oh, I get it... by simply rebadging Eurocopters'. How lame for something considered to be evolutionary, tsk tsk tsk. Its origin is European, so there's nothing wrong in taking pride in carrying the Euro prefix. It doesn't have to connote as being patriotic as to offend non-European markets. C'mon. Do you guys think Americans / Britons / Chinese / Indians / Russians would cringe at the idea that BMWs are actually Bavarian in origin, that Nissans are Japanese, and Lamborghinis Italian? It's simply about heritage and if it ain't broken, please don't fix it.

I never liked the name 'Eurocopter'. Airbus Helicopters is lousy as well. Totally unimaginative...

Changing "Eurocopter" to "Airbus Helicopters" makes very little sense and is a bad move. Why?

1) Eurocopter is a fantastic name for a helicopter manufacturer, it's easy for people (inside and outside the industry) to understand what it means.
2) Eurocopter successfully created this brand, it works and it has been in use for over 20 years.
3) Eurocopter has made an excellent reputation with this brand.
4) "Airbus Helicopters" makes no sense and is a confusing name.
5) "Airbus Helicopters" does not successfully describe the brand.
6) Airbus will now need to try to rebrand "Eurocopter" into "Airbus Helicopters", which is not a proven name for a helicopter manufacturer and they will have to try to convince everyone that it's an appropriate name for a helicopter manufacturer.

-Mike Hampson, Owner, Helicopter Links(

I work for Eurocopter Canada and I agree that the name change is a bad idea, for all the same reasons already mentioned.

So with the next design it will be AHxxx??
Do they know these initials are already in use by boeing AH-64?

You must be French to change a good name to a bad one..

Eurocopter is world known, and the best name ever for a Helicopter company be proud of this name and keep it..

Is there not enough work to do? Why to insist in self harmfull initiatives like changing a market well placed nice name like Eurocopter to a silly non-sense denomination?

Airbus on the side of my Ec120 !! no thank you!

All it takes is an idiot CEO to come up with a stupid idea and name like this.

This name should go the way of Pratt&Whitney's NEW logo brought out in the 70s.
The trash. Everybody should hate it.

I love the Eurocopter name. airbus looks more for airplanes. I will buy the company and undone that.

If any, they should change to AirTaxi Helicopters... Just a silly idea- stick with the current name which is an industry staple...

Very bad idea. The US nationalism/exceptionalism pot is stirred anytime the brand 'Airbus' is mentioned, applying the name to Europcopter will hurt its prospects in North America and elsewhere, and may also jeapordize existing US army contracts for the UH-72 Lakota. The decision to trump the Eurocopter brand must have been taken by some very naive and ignorant board members.

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Airbus, seriously?? Truly a bonehead idea. Having flown their product for over 20 years, Aerospatiale to Eurocopter, I always thought the names stood for something. 'I fly a Eurocopter'. Those were cool names and when spoken sounded exotic, foreign and more then a little exciting. However, Airbus? Now I fly an Airbus Helicopter!! What's next 'AirCab'??  We are being robbed of our identity and stripped of our stature!  Eurocopter crews of the world UNITE!!   

In case you missed it, see this AINonline story posted on Dec. 26: “Eurocopter’s CEO Sets Priorities.”

In it Guillaume Faury, who took the helm at Eurocopter in May, said, “We are selling high-end helicopters,” as opposed to the “best value for money” project approach of former CEO Lutz Bertling. Faury wants Eurocopter’s production processes to improve, drawing on the experience of sister company Airbus and the automotive industry.

Therefore, renaming the company Airbus Helicopters will reflect a transformation, he said.