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Rolls-Royce CorporateCare Benefits Bizav Operators

 - October 21, 2013, 9:00 AM
The CorporateCare power-by-the-hour program builds on Rolls-Royce’s 90 million flight hours of experience in business aviation.

Rolls-Royce (Booth No. C8134) is here touting the benefits of its CorporateCare program, which covers scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for the manufacturer’s business jet engines–the BR710, BR725, AE3007 and Tay 611.

“On the aftermarket, buyers see a CorporateCare-covered engine as new,” said Stephen Friedrich, sales and marketing v-p for Rolls-Royce’s civil small and medium engines. About 1,700 aircraft are covered, Friedrich said, and the proportion is close to 70 percent for new aircraft. Health monitoring systems enable advanced, precise diagnosis and prognosis, he pointed out. “We build on our 90 million flight hours of experience in business aviation.”

For the owner, the main benefit is cost predictability. CorporateCare includes everything from parts to labor costs, logistics, technical publications and so forth. It is almost all-inclusive, with exceptions such as foreign-object damage and line maintenance labor.

One of the latest features is the introduction of an interactive 3-D engine model for iPads. The maintenance technician can, thus, virtually select a part, remove it and replace it.

For the Gulfstream G650’s BR725, CorporateCare includes additional features such as A- and C-check coverage and a replacement aircraft.