Airbus Helicopters Chief Has Clear Vision for OEM

 - January 14, 2014, 2:35 PM

With its new name now in place, Airbus Helicopters (née Eurocopter) is embarking on a transformation, according to CEO Guillaume Faury. He wants production processes to improve, has reshuffled priorities in research and development (R&D) and envisions a new market for the company’s product line.

The new name is expected to provide better integration with the rest of the Airbus group, according to Faury. Moreover, the Airbus name has a stronger, more global impact, “especially in countries that are important to us,” such as Brazil, the U.S., China and Russia, he added.

Meanwhile, Faury wants Eurocopter’s production processes to improve with the goal of increasing productivity. To that end, he intends to accelerate automation of the production lines and improve the way parts, subassemblies and components flow in the factory.

He also recently expressed his vision for Eurocopter products. “We are selling high-end helicopters,” Faury said, rather than the “best value for money” models former CEO Lutz Bertling favored. “We have solutions for highly demanding customers; our systems must operate in complex environments,” he said, acknowledging that such a business strategy involves a lot of R&D and high costs.