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TrueNorth Starts Delivering Cabin Gateway Comms Platform

 - May 19, 2015, 6:00 AM

TrueNorth Avionics (Booth F045) has begun deliveries of its new Optelity Cabin Gateway communications platform, which it launched in October 2014. The company also reported here at the EBACE show (Booth F045) that it is working on developing a supplemental type certificate for the equipment to go on a Gulfstream GV aircraft.

According to the company, Cabin Gateway gives aircraft owners significant flexibility to upgrade communications equipment. A single configurable unit can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of individual operators, with available features ranging from simple voice calls to comprehensive office-in-the-sky capability and compatibility with 3G mobile communications services and wireless connectivity.

The new Optelity products are offered as four configurable packages, starting with the Optelity WiFi as the basic unit at a price of $24,995. The Optelity Flex option allows operators to pick and pay for the specific configuration they need.

All Cabin Gateway options are app-based, with changes in functionality being defined via software. This makes it easier to upgrade the systems because no new hardware is needed. It also makes the equipment more compatible with new communications devices and applications that may come on the market.

“Our Optelity family of communications products represents a new way forward for connectivity in the aircraft cabin,” said TrueNorth CEO Mark van Berkel. “Every time you turn around there’s a new mobile device, new social media and new applications. We’ve designed our systems to be compliant with current standards, but more importantly, to rapidly come up-to-speed with standards and technology that have yet to be set or developed. The Optelity Cabin Gateway is the first of a number of products that is designed to defy oblolescence. Not only is it upgradeable from basic to high-end features, there is virtually no limit to its upgradability over time.”

Cabin Router For Honeywell

Separately, Honeywell recently selected TrueNorth to supply a new generation CNX 250 WiFi cabin router to expand the capabilities of business jets using its CNX cabin connectivity systems. The new unit will be smaller and lighter than existing equipment, giving more options for where it can be fitted in an aircraft.

The CNX 250 has dedicated processors and can be scaled up to accept new functions. It is designed to work seamlessly with passengers’ devices and is app-based to be more easily adapted. o