FAA Qualifies FlightSafety Simulator for Upset Training

 - June 12, 2015, 4:29 AM

FlightSafety International's first full-flight simulator capable of re-creating flight parameters critical to the accurate representation of upset prevention and recovery training maneuvers (UPRT) received FAA qualification, the company announced on June 11. The agency evaluated and qualified the expanded aerodynamic, flight control and motion models developed by FlightSafety and incorporated into the Gulfstream G550 simulator. As a result, FlightSafety will have the first full-flight simulator qualified for UPRT under AFS-205, FSTD Guidance Bulletin 11-05.

The models are based on actual aircraft flight-test data, wind-tunnel testing and analytical data that includes low speeds replicating deep aerodynamic stalls and extreme high speeds beyond VMO and MMO. The agency also evaluated the simulator’s instructor station module and the new tools and malfunctions added specifically for use in conjunction with the expanded aerodynamic model.

“Pilots who train with FlightSafety are now able to experience and prepare for in-flight loss of control in the safe and controlled environment of a simulator,” said Bruce Whitman, FlightSafety International president and CEO.