Clay Lacy STCs TrueNorth Fans-over-Iridium in CL-601

 - September 15, 2015, 10:05 AM
The Clay Lacy FANS 1/A STC for the Challenger 601 includes TrueNorth's Simphonē Data Link Unit Iridium satcom. Photo: TrueNorth Avionics

Clay Lacy Aviation has received an FAA supplemental type certificate for installation of a future air navigation system (FansS 1/A) package in a Challenger 601-3A/R that uses a TrueNorth Avionics Simphonē datalink unit (DLU). The TrueNorth DLU is “the only FAA TSO-C159a Fans-over-Iridium system for the flight deck,” according to the company. (The DLU is also EASA- and Transport Canada-approved.)

While non-TSO'd Iridium satcoms have been installed as part of Fans packages, the certification process for these types of Fans STCs takes additional work and time. "The Simphonē DLU made this Fans program easier to complete,” said Clay Lacy director of avionics Jim Lauer, “and we intend to use the TrueNorth component on a number of aircraft going forward.”

Equipage with Fans is now required for some altitudes on certain North Atlantic routes. The equipment allows pilots to communicate with controllers via datalink and using texting-style messaging instead of less reliable and difficult-to-use high-frequency radios. “Our datalink unit connects easily with a wide range of flight management systems and requires no configuration. This reduces installation times and the associated costs,” said TrueNorth CEO Mark van Berkel.

The Clay Lacy 601-3A/R Fans upgrade also includes dual Universal Avionics UNS-1Fw FMSs, UniLink UL-801 communications management unit and CVR-120 cockpit voice recorder for storing datalink messaging.