TrueNorth Offers Wireless Access to Smaller Aircraft

 - September 30, 2015, 9:35 AM
The TrueNorth Avionics Optelity Hot Spot brings wireless access to smaller jets and turboprops in a certified, permanently installed and lightweight package.

TrueNorth Avionics has unveiled a new “N” wireless access point and integrated router designed for light- to medium-sized jets and turboprops. The Optelity Hot Spot is a certified device and permanently installed in the aircraft. According to the company, “Unlike consumer-based carry-on gear, it is aviation certified for safe in-flight operation, and installed on the aircraft to eliminate power conversion issues.”

The Hot Spot weighs slightly over half a pound and comes either with an integrated antenna or external antenna, but it does not include telecom gear. For communications outside the aircraft, the Hot Spot is connected to the aircraft’s satcom or air-to-ground telecom system. The Hot Spot can host embedded applications, such as TrueNorth’s MyStylus app, which allows users to make voice calls using their iOS and Android devices.

“We’ve been providing communications systems to heads of state, VVIPs and Fortune 50 aircraft passengers, and now we’re bringing executive-level communications capabilities to the light aircraft market,” said TrueNorth CEO Mark van Berkel.