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Wireless Data Loader Offered for Primus Epic Cockpits

 - November 24, 2015, 8:07 AM

Maintenance personnel tasked with downloading data from Honeywell Primus Epic and Primus 1000/2000/SPZ integrated cockpits can now do the job securely and quickly with a new wireless data loader.

The easily upgraded hardware and software will also enable a new mobile application for maintenance and flight personnel. “Honeywell understands the desire for easy-to-access maintenance solutions and useful mobile applications, and we are bringing these products to business jet operators,” said Jeff Merdich, vice president, cockpit solutions.

The wireless data loader recently received TSO authorization, meaning that it has met performance standards and is authorized for installation by the FAA. The unit is a simple drop-in replacement for the previous data loaders for the data management unit and data LAN management unit. Installation requires only about 30 minutes to swap out the old data loader and establish a secure connection with a one-time setup.

While the first implementation is for ground use only, Honeywell plans to release functionality in 2016 that will enable wireless cockpit functions in flight, cellular coverage and longer-range transmission of data.