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Aviall Sees Growth in Worldwide Markets

 - March 4, 2016, 5:27 PM

Boeing-owned parts distributor and service provider Aviall is seeing strength in every segment, buoyed by improved efficiencies as a result of implementing a new SAP enterprise resource planning system two years ago. “The results of this investment were evident in record fourth quarter sales and shipments,” said Ed Dolanski, recently promoted to president of Global Services and Support at Boeing. “During the year, we reported strong sales in commercial aviation and also enjoyed solid sales in the general aviation, business aviation and military segments. For 2016, the aerospace industry is in a strong position as well and shows promise going forward as economic conditions, fuel prices, international growth and the overall market continue to improve.”

For Aviall (Booth 4151), commercial, general and business aviation and military markets offer increased growth opportunities in the rest of the world, including Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Aviall has 27 facilities in North America capable of next-day freight deliveries to 97 percent of its customers, according to Dolanski. An additional seven stocking locations in Australia and New Zealand support those countries’ general aviation and helicopter markets.

“Throughout my career, I have come to understand that having the right part on hand when it is needed is crucial to success,” he said. “At Aviall, we work extremely hard to simplify the supply chain while also ensuring we stay committed to quality service and convenience. A customer-first mentality is crucial. For example, the implementation of SAP at Aviall has launched us light-years ahead of where we were technologically and provides an even greater convenience for our customers.”

 Aviall isn’t just a parts house, although it does market and distribute about 2 million unique aircraft and engine parts for 240 manufacturers from 40 locations worldwide, 20 of which are repair stations. “As a company, we remain committed to expanding our global repair management services,” Dolanski said, “which include battery services, hose assembly and fabrication, paint mixing, wheel and brake services, chemical management and others.

“Our many locations allow us to provide a variety of supply chain services including order processing, stocking and fulfillment systems,” he said. “Having a local presence allows us to better offer the products and services of our 240 original equipment manufacturers, and better serve our customers on a continual basis.”

New distribution deals include a 10-year extension of an agreement with legacy parts manufacturer Ontic. Aviall also signed a distribution agreement with Esterline Korry for its Korry, Mason and Janco cockpit displays, rotary and pushbutton switches, indicators and flight controls. Another agreement is with DeWal Tapes for thermal spray tapes used in plasma spraying applications. And Aviall and Lord signed an amendment adding the Bell Helicopter 204, 212, 214, 222, 230, 412, 429 and 430 to their existing contract.

“Throughout our operations, we consistently examine how we do business,” Dolanski said. “We have recently reorganized our distribution centers in an effort to better align our processes at each facility. This alignment has shown a significant positive impact to our customer service and has improved the overall customer experience.”