Argus Provides Operator Ratings for

 - March 31, 2016, 10:48 AM

Argus International is now the exclusive charter operator ratings provider for online charter marketplace This arrangement, announced earlier this week, allows users to limit their searches to Argus-rated charter operators.

“Argus wants to make sure that web-based consumers have the ability to perform high-level due diligence while checking availability and price,” said Argus president and CEO Joe Moeggenberg. “The Internet’s ability to connect charter brokers, end consumers and suppliers in an efficient manner has become very important to the overall charter marketplace. Argus performs its own research on every website that seeks an integration with our ratings, and we were impressed with how quickly and efficiently users can do trip searches and bookings on”

According to founder and CEO Charles Denault, “Integrating the Argus ratings into our platform was a high priority for us, as many of our customers fly only with Argus-rated charter operators.”