Sun 'n Fun

MyGoFlight Adapts Sun Shade Rails for iPad Mounting

 - April 4, 2016, 11:31 AM
MyGoFlight's iPad Rail Mount system puts tablet EFBs in clear view in tight cockpits.

For turboprop and jet cockpits without much space to place an iPad electronic flight bag, MyGoFlight has developed the iPad Rail Mount that allows for attachment of the iPad on sun shade rail systems. MyGoFlight is displaying the new iPad Rail Mount this week at Sun ’n’ Fun 2016 (Booth C-049) along with its AirCooled Sport fan-equipped iPad case, which can help prevent overheating of iPads exposed to direct sunlight. 

The spring-tensioned Rail Mount attaches to the rail at any point and its single control knob allows the pilot to adjust the mounting arm’s three swivel joints for the ideal viewing angle. The mount is made from aviation-grade aluminum and stainless steel, and it can be used on any size rail between 5/16- to 1/2-inch diameter with any size tablet. The Rail Mount kit retails for $248.

“Viewing an iPad in a Citation, as in many aircraft, has been very difficult. Space is tight,” said Bob Stedman, pilot and president of Independence Aviation. ”Placing the iPad overhead and centered between me and the copilot proved to be extremely user friendly and natural. It looked like the iPad was designed into the aircraft. Vision of the panel and outside was unencumbered, and the centered position proved very effective for crew briefings and Star and approach planning.”