Erickson Qualified for Narcoterrorism Work

 - April 5, 2016, 8:55 AM

Portland, Ore.-based Erickson has been selected as a subcontractor by a pool of prime contractors who have been awarded $1.425 billion for counter-narcotics and global-threat operations, logistics and training support. These contract vehicles allow Erickson to bid on specific task orders, supporting interdiction of narcotics trade and assisting in the global war on terrorism.

The first contract is for operations and logistics support. Erickson anticipates providing fixed- and rotary-wing transportation for cargo and passengers, as well as maintenance services. This contract has a combined ceiling of $975 million. The second contract is for training support and has a combined ceiling of $450 million. Work on both contracts will be performed in the United States and internationally and is expected to be completed over the next nine years.

Erickson will bid on task orders for aviation maintenance and training. These contract vehicles are designed to improve the United States' and partner nation agency organizations in detering threats posed by illegal drugs, trafficking, piracy, transnational organized crime, threat-finance networks and any potential nexus among these activities.

“The Counter-Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office [CNTPO] has an established contract support process for the U.S. and our allies to combat a variety of threats,” said Brian Pierson, Erickson vice president of global defense and security. “Erickson is proud to serve CNTPO and has more than 40 years of experience in operations and services to support the most difficult challenges facing our nation and allies.”