P&WC Extends Flat-rate Overhaul Pricing to PT6A Engines

 - April 7, 2016, 11:40 AM
Pratt & Whitney Canada service centers are now offering new fixed-rate pricing for overhauls on PT6A engines. [Photo: Pratt & Whitney Canada]

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) today announced the launch of a new flat-rate overhaul program for PT6A engines. The new program gives operators the option of a capped price for work on select models of the ubiquitous turboprop family, ensuring that there are no additional costs if replacement parts are required beyond the basic overhaul scope.

The program is available for work throughout the Canadian engine manufacturer’s own service centers and also at participating designated overhaul facilities. The flat rate also covers maintenance for typical corrosion or sulphidation, foreign object damage and replacement of non-P&WC parts with genuine P&WC components.

Fixed pricing—starting with base prices from $205,000 with a $275,000 cap—at the current levels will run through December 31. The rates apply for many of the more popular PT6A models, including those that power the King Air, Twin Otter and Cessna Caravan. The new offer is part of P&WC’s Smart Maintenance Solutions program, which helps operators contain and predict variable costs.

Another new option for the PT6A is for an operator to have an existing engine completely overhauled for a maximum rate of $305,000. The existing flat-rate exchange price is $315,000.

“The overhauls come with a minimum life on life-limited components and will take you to your next overhaul, giving options for additional life-limited component cover,” explained Geoffrey Corbeil, P&WC’s general manager of aftermarket commercialization. “Over the last three years we’ve been active in providing solutions for customers with aging products, and we’re committed to supporting all of them regardless of age. We have never retired a product line. The best way to deliver value is guaranteed pricing.”

The extension of the Smart program to the PT6A covers approximately 20,000 out of the 52,000 P&WC engines now in service. The program already covers the PW100 turboprop family and various turboshaft engines for helicopters.