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Cabin Door Brings Quiet and Big Jet Feel to Lear 75

 - May 23, 2016, 2:30 AM
The cabin of Bombardier’s light Learjet 75 can now have the look and feel of a much larger aircraft with the new option of a pocket door separating the cockpit and galley from the rest of the cabin. Besides adding privacy, it also reduces noise by up to 8 dB.

Bombardier is bringing a large cabin feel to its Learjet 75 light jet with the introduction of a new pocket door bulkhead that separates the cabin from the galley and the cockpit. As well as enhancing passenger privacy, the new feature reduces cabin noise by an average of between six and eight decibels.

“This makes for a much more private cabin for the passengers and it is a first for a light jet,” said Bombardier Business Aircraft product planning and market development Brad Nolen. The first aircraft to be equipped with the new door is on static display here at the EBACE show.

The new pocket door reduces cabin noise that would otherwise intrude from the forward door area and cockpit. There is no weight penalty on the aircraft’s performance, nor is passenger legroom in cabin compromised by the addition. The Learjet 75 boasts the widest cabin cross section in its class at 5 ft 1 in (1.56 m), and also is the only one with a flat floor. 

“The Learjet has a great legacy and we want to bring it into the future with innovations like this that make the Lear 75 a premium offering in the light jet segment,” said Anali Stewart, Learjet product manager. “Our aim is to offer as many large aircraft features as possible in a light jet, including speed and altitude.”

The new door will be available as an option for both six- and eight-passenger versions of the aircraft. Bombardier (Booth Z115) is not disclosing the cost of the option, which will be subject to negotiation with individual customers. The modification is covered by a supplemental type certificate from the FAA.

The pocket door uses a three-inch space behind the rear-facing seats of the front club-four. This removes the recline space from behind the two front seats, although these can be brought forward to provide more space behind them.

“The Learjet 75 business jet is already valued for its comfortable interior and its ability to fly further and faster than its nearest competitor,” said Bombardier Business Aircraft president David Coleal. “The pocket door option adds an extra dimension of comfort previously found only on larger jets.”

Each seat gives passengers access to their own USB outlet for personal electronic devices plus a seven-inch pop-up monitor connected to a media center that allows them to enjoy music or movies. Sidewall audio speakers create a surround-sound effect.

The Learjet 75 cockpit is equipped with the Garmin G5000 avionics suite. Its synthetic vision system is the only one available as baseline equipment in the light jet category.

In February, Bombardier delivered its 75th Learjet 75, just over two years after the aircraft entered service, joining its Learjet 70 sibling. Last month, Bombardier veteran Mike Fahey was chosen to lead a new worldwide sales team dedicated to the Learjet 75 and 70 models.

Here in Geneva this week, Bombardier is exhibiting examples of its Challenger 350 and 650 models, plus a pair of Global 6000s.