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Aviation Nutritionist: DNA As Key To Better Nutrition on Travel

 - May 25, 2016, 5:30 PM

The Aviation Nutritionist, Sarah Wilson, is recommending “DNA profiling” for frequent flyers to determine the best nutritional needs while on travel. Wilson, who addressed the EBACE Safety Workshop here on Monday, May 23, said understanding one’s genes can help a person get the right nutrition.

“When flying at altitude, it is useful to understand your nutritional needs, how well you detoxify, your salt and caffeine sensitivities, your tolerance to lactose and gluten, your antioxidant needs, your sensitivity to weight gain based on your fat intake and what type of exercise best suits your genetic makeup,” Wilson said. “By simply tailoring your diet when you fly, based on your genes, you can really feel your best and reach your peak performance.”

Practicing in London, The Aviation Nutritionist creates unique nutritional profiles based on a client’s DNA. These profiles are used to develop a recommended diet.