FAA Updates and Redesignates MU-2B Training Rules

 - September 8, 2016, 10:05 AM

The FAA has updated and will ultimately eliminate Special FAR 108, the mandatory training requirements for all operators of U.S.-registered Mitsubishi MU-2Bs. Effective immediately, the content of SFAR 108 has been revised. In addition, SFAR 108 will be eliminated and its content formed into new subpart N of Part 91 on Nov. 7, 2017, after which time all MU-2B operators must comply with this subpart.

The revised content will include “correcting and updating several inaccurate maneuver profiles to reflect current FAA training philosophy and adding new FAA procedures not previously part of the MU–2B training under SFAR 108.” As a result of this action, operators, training providers and safety officials will have more timely access to standardized, accurate training material, the agency said.

Although the FAA is inviting comments, the agency adopted this final rule without prior notice and public comment to “mitigate safety risks.” Comments may be submitted no later than November 7, the compliance date for this final rule.

Before SFAR 108 went into effect in 2009, U.S.-registered MU-2Bs experienced 80 accidents with 40 fatalities, according to the FAA. The agency said since the effective date of SFAR 108, there have only been two fatal accidents. However, a third, and the most recent, U.S.-registered MU-2 fatal crash occurred in Canada on March 29.