AviationManuals Acquires Maximum Manuals

 - September 27, 2016, 2:41 PM

AviationManuals has acquired Maximum Manuals of Carlsbad, California. The acquisition allows AviationManuals to expand its product line to create tailored Minimum Equipment Lists and provide electronic flight bag application packages for aircraft operators. Maximum Manuals, which was purchased from co-owners Aaron and Caterina Taylor, was integrated into AviationManuals operations near Washington, D.C., with minimal staff growth to accommodate the increased business base. The Maximum Manuals team remains active in other aspects of the aviation industry and will provide ongoing support to AviationManuals.

"Our companies complement each other perfectly. We have already begun to deliver these new offerings," said CEO Mark Baier. "Maximum Manuals fit our growth strategy nicely, since it includes acquiring companies that perform complementary industry activities, in this case both software and manuals for aircraft operator support. Through the acquisition, AviationManuals gained several hundred aircraft operator and owner customers, as well as an excellent custom software application that aids in the development of manuals online."