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Click Aviation Network Strives To Become Central Resource

 - December 7, 2016, 2:00 PM
Click Aviation Network CEO Aiham Bader offers dynamic resource networking.

Click Aviation Network has developed a platform where various businesses, from charter brokers to service providers, can connect with each other and explore business opportunities. The Dubai-based company, which launched in 2015, hopes to leverage the evolving use of the internet in the business aviation marketplace to develop an expansive aviation network.

“Changing the dynamics of how industry professionals collaborate and do business in this new era of aviation is Click Aviation Network,” said founder and CEO Aiham Bader. “We are revolutionizing the industry by introducing a single unified approach to aviation, where different players—from charter brokers, operators, suppliers and other service providers—can come together under one roof, explore business opportunities and discover ways to increase operational efficiency and business growth, eliminate risks, reduce costs and build credibility.”

Click members can build a portfolio and present their services on the Click platform. The platform also is designed to simplify operational, commercial and financial processes. It enables multiple user access, charter inquiry management, access to the location of an aircraft, access to airport and FBO directories, direct communication with operators, and access to invoices and management reports.

The company not only hopes to serve as a central resource for aviation businesses and operations, but to collect and process data that could help improve businesses. Click Aviation Network (Stand 510) has assembled teams to work with clients both online and offline. “We have built a strong network of relationships and secured resources that will give our members the advantage to stay above the competition,” said chief sales and marketing officer Mariya Vynohradova. “Our designated commercial and vendor relations team work closely with on-ground suppliers to secure the most competitive prices.”

The company also has an established operations control center with flight operations and flight dispatch specialists to provide services that range from coordinating air traffic rights to customized trip planning.